Are You Ready to Upgrade in September?

Are You Ready to Upgrade in September?

As the summer winds down and we get ready for fall, please keep a few things in mind.  On September 12, Apple will be announcing the iPhone 7S/7S+, macOS High Sierra and iOS 11.

There are many changes that will be released for both iOS and Mac. For Mac, there are massive changes coming to the way Mac computers save information. Before you do any upgrading to High Sierra, you MUST have a backup of your information so that you don’t lose everything if something goes wrong during the update. For the first time in years, Apple is releasing a new file system with Mac. The new system will make things run faster, smoother and have less long term problems, but there will be glitches for the first month or two that this new system is available.

On iOS, the biggest changes will be on the iPad, but there are definitely changes for iOS, such as the new Control Center, Do Not Disturb while driving, a redesigned messages app and more.

Before you attempt to upgrade, think clearly about where you are right now. If you don’t have a backup or have problems right now, let’s talk BEFORE you upgrade. That way, your upgrade will be smooth and you won’t have any problems or missing data.  It’s much easier to troubleshoot and fix problems BEFORE someone updates to new software like this, than after you try and are unsuccessful.

If you are planning to upgrade to a new device, or are afraid to do a software update because it’s been several years and you don’t want to lose anything, let’s set up a time for us to get you ready to upgrade.

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