Restoring Your iPhone

Restoring Your iPhone

First, go torestore3 Settings on your iPhone and tap iCloud.
Scroll down to Backup and tap on Backup now.  (for this to work, you must be on Wi-Fi, which is required for this entire process)

Once the backup completes, go back 1 screen to the iCloud panel and turn off “Find My iPhone”

Before connecting iPhone to computer, open iTunes. On a Mac, click the iTunes menu then Preferences. On Windows, click Edit then Preferences




click Devices tab, then Prevent iPhones, iPads from syncing automatically


close preferences and attach iPhone to computer.

once the phone comes up, click on the right side of the page on Restore iPhone, agree to the conditions and continue through the 3 popups.  iTunes will then download the new software, wipe your iPhone and install brand new software.


When that’s done, follow the prompts on your iPhone to set up again:

1. English

2. United States

3. Wifi Network

4. Location Services on

5. Fingerprint

6. passcode

7. Restore from iCloud backup (enter AppleID and password)

8. tap on most recent backup to restore from

After the phone restarts, it will ask again for AppleID password, how much Zoom you want, to Setup Apple Pay, then it will re-download all apps, photos, etc.


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