Malware vs Virus: Do Macs need protection?

Malware vs Virus: Do Macs need protection?

Malware, which includes Adware, Spyware, Ransomware and Trojans, strike all computers including Macs, regardless of what you may have heard from Apple.  Technically, Viruses are made for older Windows systems and don’t affect Macs, but most people use the terms interchangeably. Many of the problems Mac users face trace back to malware in one of its many forms.

, for example is software that installs itself on your computer without your permission for the purpose of directing all of your searches to its own site.  It’s a much more aggressive version of adware than Microsoft, Google or Yahoo use for relevant advertising to their customers.   Genieo can actually stop you from receiving email and make your searches fail depending on the version you have installed.

mackeeperIn general, it’s best to avoid any application that installs itself, then charges money to do what it claims to do in the first place.  With all reputable software, you have to intentionally download and install it; that’s what the password prompt is for. Malware installs itself without even telling you it’s been done. One such program is MacKeeper. Many of the things that MacKeeper claims it does aren’t necessary. The parts that are helpful for a professional are much better done by CleanMyMac3 as it’s easier to manage and doesn’t take over a computer or force you to pay a recurring fee.  CleanMyMac3costs $50 once, where MacKeeper is $300+ and re-bills frequently.

cleanmymac3BPC Consulting recommends two different products for Mac protection.  Perform a quick scan using MalwareBytes for Mac to remove the worst offenders, then add continuous protection with Avast for Mac. Norton, once a top recommendation, doesn’t seem to be as robust as it used to be.  Today’s  best option is Avast, which not only provides superior protection, but is free for the basic platform as well.

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