Company Rebranding

Company Rebranding

Our name has changed; BPC Consulting Alliance (formerly DC iPhone Experts) remains focused on helping clients effectively manage multiple Apple products, integrate services and applications. We continue our mission helping people get the most from their Apple technology.

If you find yourself getting someone else’s text messages or FaceTime calls, running out of memory on your iPhone or iPad and can’t figure out why, have photos everywhere and want to learn how to find them instantly, then BPC Consulting Alliance is still your friend and ally. If you downloaded malicious software, malware, or somehow messed up the last software download and didn’t have an iCloud backup, then BPC Consulting Alliance is still the place to call.

After nearly two years without a price increase, a new rate of $125 per hour goes into effect starting October 1. Book a work session with BPC prior to October 1 and pay $100 for the first hour of service. BPC Consulting Alliance also offers quarterly retainer agreements. Retainers work well for offices and on-going training so as Apple changes, BPC Consulting Alliance helps you stay on track.

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