WAIT Don’t update to iOS 10 Yet!

WAIT Don’t update to iOS 10 Yet!

Sept 13, Apple released iOS 10 to the Public

Today, Apple released iOS 10 to the public.  We suggest waiting for a week before downloading Apple’s latest and greatest software upgrade until the first bug fix is released. iOS 10 features several major upgrades including better battery life, new texting options, changes to mail and photos, a redesign of Apple Music and many improvements to Siri and Apple Maps.

Unfortunately, new software also contains bugs that won’t be noticed and fixed until the software is released to the public.  To avoid downloading those bugs along with iOS 10, wait a week to avoid software hassles.  Waiting also helps avoid long download times or the inability to activate your iPhone after upgrade because Apple’s servers get overloaded.

Remember to make a backup to iCloud prior to updating your iPhone or iPad.  If you have any questions or problems of any kind, please contact us so there is no loss of data.
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