Your phone won’t text. You’re not receiving emails and your computer has been stuck on the Spinning Beachball of Death.

Dive for your cell phone (if it’s still working) and call Brian Cohen when your day literally spins out of control. Brian can save your computer, data, get your phone purring again and send that hypnotic beachball to computer purgatory.

Brian’s 25 years of experience and his Apple certification provide individual and corporate training, diagnostics and support for all things Apple on a case-by-case basis or through money-saving service contracts.

Take a bite out of your Apple problems with BPC

The Emergency Call to Make When E-Disasters Strike iPhone, iPad and Mac users. Call Us When:

When your Mac, iPhone, or iPad fails … at the worst possible time 

When that little multicolored beachball of death spins forever making your blood pressure go crazy 

The screen goes blank, you’re not receiving text messages or worse yet … You lose data

You’re receiving another person’s text messages 

You have deadlines hanging over your head and your Mac can’t talk to the printer 

Your iPhone battery drains faster than you can charge it 

BPC Consulting Serves You! – BPC Consulting Alliance helps individuals as well as local businesses.

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Your “i” Team

Brian Cohen, Principal of BPC Consulting Alliance

An Apple user since, since the early 90’s, Brian, brings his 25 year track record to Apple products. As the “On-Campus Apple Expert”at American University Brian started troubleshooting Macs for the campus bookstore as well as his friends.

Brian’s passion and hobby for all things Apple grew into a full-time business 10 years ago. BPC Consulting Alliance helps clients solve both annoying and damaging problems. Brian likes to help his clients thoroughly understand their equipment.

“My goal is to help everyone get the most out of their technology.”

The problem isn’t just about having the latest and greatest, it’s about understanding and learning tech talk. and being able to “make geek speak understandable to normal people, Brian explained.

Brian Cohen Understands the challenges professionals and normal people face and works tirelessly to maintain and improve everyone’s Apple experiences.

Brian noticed people struggling to maximize the power of pairing Macs and iPhones together. “My goal is to help people get the most out of their technology.” The problem wasn’t just about having the latest and greatest, It was about understanding and learning tech talk. “I translate tech talk into human talk.”

Brian is an active member of BNI. He lives and works in the D.C. Metropolitan area.


BPC offers expert training, diagnostics and support

Purchase a maintenance contract with BPC Consulting Alliance and rest easy knowing you have help when you need it.

Brian’s 25 years of experience and his Apple certification provide individual and corporate training, diagnostics and support for all things Apple on a case-by-case basis or through money-saving service contracts.


My Apps not working and my Phone is sooooo slow 

We provide services for the following iOS products and application issues:
Setup . Upgrades . Troubleshooting . Contacts . Photo Problems . Backups . Calendars . FaceTime . Expense Tracking


Basic/Intermediate/Advanced Phone & Application Issues

We provide services for the following iOS products and application issues:
Mac Basics . iOS Installation . Finder . Keyboard Commands . Safari . iTunes . Photo . Mail . Calendar . Windows to Mac Conversions

Have Questions?

Can you help me with the Spinning Beachball of Death?

Does seeing that mean my hard drive or computer needs to be replaced?

The Spinning Beachball signals issues with your machine, but doesn’t necessarily mean that your hard drive is dying.  We can definitely investigate and help find the cause and solve that problem with no loss of data.  Most of the time, these issues can be resolved without having to replace hardware, but it does happen occasionally.  When that happens, we make sure your data is protected and replaced. 

Is it difficult or time consuming to upgrade my software?

Do I need to worry about losing my contacts or calendar during upgrades?

Upgrading a Mac or iPhone/iPad isn’t difficult, though you always need to ensure that you have a backup.  Make sure you always have the latest software before doing any upgrading or syncing. This is particularly important  on a Mac when you’re using Microsoft Office and the Adobe Creative Suite. The best option is always to turn on iCloud backups and Time Machine and get a full backup before doing updates.

I love taking pictures, but now I’m getting messages telling me that I’m running out of memory.

What can I do to fix the problem?

Get space back on your phone using the iCloud photo library.  We’ll teach you how to maximize and leverage the efficiencies of both the iPhone and iCloud.  You’ll have access to your photos and regain memory space on your phone.

How come I’m receiving another family member’s texts?

You’re sharing the same Apple ID.  We’ll help you log out, get a new Apple ID for your relative and solve the problem.

Why would I choose iTunes for all my music choices?

When there are so many music platforms available to choose from?

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that the reason you have an Apple product is so you don’t have to buy everything a la carte.  When you buy Apple, you’re buying a seamless work and entertainment package. We teach you how to maximize those efficiencies and hopefully make not only your work easier, but your “Me-time,” more fun too.

Services Available

In-Home Training

Please Note:
Training time varies for each service & individual

Covers first hour of training

We apply a mileage charge of $.57/mile.

Group Training

Please indicate the following:
Number of attendees at time of booking

Names & email of attendees for training reminders

Add-on attendees require payment prior to start

Virtual Support

Services Available:
Screen Sharing
Phone Training
Support 11am-8pm Daily

Note: Our hourly service rate of $150.00 starts upon arrival. After the hour 15 minute increments will be charged.

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